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ForDeClub NFT Project was a project that aimed to protect Forests life, a collection of 2500 Art on Elrond with Minting website as an eco system for users.


Aatu Mikael


3D NFT, Development


May 8, 2022

Creative NFT Art + Advanced Mint Tools

Here's what we offered to the client:

  • NFT Art Collection of 2500
  • Generative Metadata + Smart contract
  • Minting Website
  • Landing page
Making the project possible:

Since, the goal of the collection was to protect Forest life, so it was really important to create such friendly, unique art that was done well by our team. The project was executed on Elrond blockchain and development was as crucial as the artwork.

Tools used:

  • Blender
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Elrond Playground & SDK

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